Why Parachute

Why the name Parachute? 

A parachute helps slow the motion of flight through the air, provides support during descent and creates the sensation of flying. 

Similarly, our work at Parachute focuses on the following: 

  • Slowing Down in our fast-paced world: Learning mindfulness skills, stepping out of ‘doing’ mode and simply ‘being’.
  • Support: helping people to develop their own resilience and well-being toolbox, so that they have the resources to navigate stress and adversity more effectively.
  • Flying: Enabling people to flourish! Optimising physical and mental well-being.

Leading mindfulness exponent, Jon Kabat-Zinn, talks about the importance of weaving your parachute every day, rather than leaving it to the time you jump out of the plane.

If a crisis hits, whether it is a universal crisis such as a global pandemic, or a personal crisis such as a sudden bereavement or redundancy, many people go into free fall. Weaving your parachute every day (in other words, practising mindfulness and investing in your well-being) means that you have your parachute of coping strategies ready when you need it most.