Feedback & Testimonials

‘Dr Jo Powell has a unique ability to connect and listen to what children are saying in the moment. Jo also has an intuitive skill to attend to the unsaid stuff that may also be silently bothering them.

I can recommend her mindfulness work without reservation with both children and parents. She has a radiant energy that can light up a room and help a child to truly believe in themselves.

A sincere champion for well being and a role model for resilience. Any school or family lucky enough to work with Jo will recognise immediately her ability to support them safely through transformational change’. 

Julie Stokes OBE, Executive Coach, Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Founder Patron of Winston’s Wish

‘Thank you so much for all your time and energy with working with our staff at the most challenging of times. As always you have been amazing and I know staff have really enjoyed the course’.

Amy Coole, Assistant Head, Abbeymead Primary School

‘I contacted Jo after I suffered a blip at work which affected my confidence…She has made a massive difference in how I perceive life; it’s almost like I have been realigned. Life is not about survival, its about understanding and appreciating what you have’.

Partner and Managing Director, Kingscott Dix Chartered Accountants

‘When I had an accident during lockdown (many months after finishing the course) I was amazed at how many of the mindfulness practises came back to me. Due to Covid risks I was not allowed a companion in the ambulance or any visitors during my 3 night hospital stay which included a 6.5 hour operation.

Having the mindfulness skills to help me cope during this strange and unexpected time was so important. I think that mindfulness is a life skill that should be compulsory for everyone.

Jo is a warm, engaging and inclusive practitioner and during my time of turmoil it really comforted me to imagine her guiding voice’.

Laura, Elmstone Hardwicke

‘Thank you for an amazing course! I knew I would love it, but I have genuinely loved every single minute! The challenge will now be putting it all into practice in every day life.

I loved the structure, the chats, the poems and learning a bit about the neuroscience was really interesting. Thank you’.

Kelly, Bishop’s Cleeve

‘I originally got Jo in to help with my children’s nerves about the grammar test but the benefits of her mindfulness sessions were far wider than this. Due to Jo’s suggestion that I do the classes with my 10-year-old twins, mindfulness became an enjoyable family activity.

We learnt much in a very short time and are still reaping the benefits now. The children became calmer and shared far more of their feelings than they previously did to my daily enquiry of “How was your day?”. Jo came to our house and so it was very convenient.

I would recommend Jo’s mindfulness classes to any family wanting help to feel calmer, communicate in a more open way or to manage whatever life throws at us’.

Susannah, Prestbury

‘Thank you, thank you for giving me the chance to just be! Going from a chaotic life and coming into such peaceful surroundings with a group of truly lovely people has been restful and an enjoyable experience. Thank you Jo’.

Fi, Bishop’s Cleeve

‘The mindfulness taster session was very insightful, practical and useful. It helped me reflect on how little I prioritise mindfulness in my life currently. Jo and Dean are very professional, friendly and engaging. They make a great double act!’

Sarah, Cheltenham

‘I found the whole course enlightening. “Thoughts are not Facts” was incredibly useful after the second week and really helped with a family crisis. I found I could slow my day by just taking a breath and looking around me. There was a lovely mix of people and I liked the poems. I just loved Jo’s quiet determination and belief and found it really cathartic’.

Susannah, Woodmancote

‘Thank you so much for the course and your words of wisdom. You really have changed things for me. I feel much more relaxed and at peace with myself, making me more able to deal with life’s challenges and enjoy my life’.

Debbie, Bishop’s Cleeve

‘Thank you for running the course. The way you presented it was easy to understand, had real credibility and your presentation style created a very relaxed and open atmosphere. It really was of great benefit and supports the general reading I have done around the subject.

It was so beneficial to get into the detail of actual mindfulness training and especially to share that experience with a group of like minded people. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to participate with this group as everyone was honest and showed real compassion to everyone’s circumstances and stories’.

Nick, Cheltenham