Case Studies

We approached two different people to ask if they would give an account of their experiences working with Parachute. This is what they said:

Cathy Lea, Tithe Barn Preschool Manager

‘Children and staff from Tithe Barn Preschool were exceptionally lucky and privileged to have worked with Jo from Parachute for a period of time to develop lots of new and exciting skills and strategies. We had been wanting to start a group like this for quite a few months and when a parent had put this suggestion onto their Parent Voices Questionnaire it seemed the perfect time to investigate this further.

When I approached Jo, she was full of excitement and enthusiasm and it was clear by her reaction this was an area she had wanted to develop as well. Jo worked with us for 5 weeks in total before the lockdown occurred. During these sessions, she introduced the children to a wide range of mindfulness skills and techniques in a fun and positive manner. Her activities were planned and prepared carefully and each one was age appropriate ensuring she met the needs of each child in her group.

Jo is such a warm, calm, positive, inspirational practitioner who is extremely passionate about her work. Every child was engaged and drawn into her teaching, even the youngest children. Jo used a variety of resources and adapted her work when she felt this was necessary as she fully understands anything can happen when working with young children and flexibility is such an important factor.

It was evident from the reaction of the children and the smile on their faces during these sessions that they all thoroughly enjoyed their mindfulness activities and we received some wonderful positive feedback from parents too.

Thank you so much Jo for helping us develop mindfulness within Preschool. It certainly is an area we will continue moving forward with in the new academic year.’

Liz, Travel Professional

‘I started working with Jo in September 2019 after a one-hour taster session earlier in the summer. During that six-week course, she gave me a number of fantastic tools to develop my mindfulness practise and to manage my days in a better and clearer fashion. Since November last year (2019), I have continued this practise in one-to-one sessions with Jo which my daughter also attends. This has been amazing and has become a core part of our week. During our time together, Jo does a relevant mindfulness session which addresses how my week has been and brings me back to a calm and collected place. Because of our time together, I can now manage my thoughts much better and allow myself to be content in the moment even when I’m in a highly stressful situation.

I’ve been to a number of therapists and counsellors for many years now to help with bereavement, PTSD and general anxiety including panic attacks. The little time I have spent with Jo so far has been more beneficial to me than 20 years of all these sessions put together. With her help, I have managed to face many of my past experiences and bring positivity to the future. The difference she has made for me is immeasurable.

Sharing mindfulness and its benefits to everyone is a passion for Jo and a true gift. I can’t recommend her enough. Her warmth and wonderful personality shines through during her teaching sessions and quite simply, it’s an absolute joy having her in our lives’.